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How to record EKG using the Siemens built-in system

The Siemens Trio Scanner comes with its own EKG monitoring system which wirelessly transmits the patient EKG signal to the recording computer.

Setting up the EKG

The same principles of EKG prep hold true, except there are three leads: Right Arm, Right Leg and Left Leg

  1. Prepare the areas by wiping them down with an alcohol wipe
  2. Scrub the areas with a cotton swab using NuPrep
  3. Re-clean the area with an alcohol wipe and allow to dry
  4. Apply lead stickers to each of the areas and connect the proper EKG leads to them, they are labeled:
  • RA - Right Arm
  • RL - Right Leg
  • LL - Left Leg
  1. Tape down the EKG leads so they stay connected to the stickers.
  2. Tape down the wireless device box so it doesn't move.
  3. Prep the subject for EEG

Setting up the Scanner


MR Suite Supplies

Where to order supplies

Current Stock

  • GSR electrodes: ordered 2014.02.20 - 2 boxes of 100
  • self-adhesive wrap - ordered 2014.02.21 - 36 rolls