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BOLDscreen 32" UHD LCD Display

  • Product Site
  • Specifications:
    • Active Area: 698.4 x 392.2 mm
    • Pixel Dimensions: 3840 x 2160
    • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    • Pixel Pitch: 0.181 mm
    • Contrast: 3000:1
    • Luminance: 300 cd/m2
    • Distance from isocenter: 121 cm


If everything is working correctly, setup should be quite straight forward.

  • The BOLDscreen connects via HDMI cable labeled "SCREEN".
AV hub box.
  • Plug in the display cable to the stimulus laptop or CCN iMac, and the BOLDscreen should mirror the display exactly.
    • Often an adaptor is required. CCN offers all the usual adaptors needed (HDMI to USB-C, Mini Display, VGA).
    • Please note the Mini Display adaptor only connects in one direction! This is important so you don't damage the display port on the iMac or other devices.
  • There is an external monitor located to the right of the console computer, which should mirror the BOLDscreen so users are able to see what the participant sees. To connect to this monitor, connect the cable labelled "MONITOR" to the port on the box labelled "CLONE".


Make sure the power to the AV hub is on and the HDMI cables are plugged into the correct places (see labels)!


  • See editing comments in this section for issues with BOLDscreen hardware.

BOLDscreen Coloration Issue

There is a known bug with newer MacBooks where the image has a pink tint. This is actually not an issue with the BOLDscreen, but with how the color settings on the Macbook interact with the HDMI splitter.

This is hopefully no longer a concern after the January 2024 upgrade (from the 24 to the 32 UHD BOLDscreen), but for documentation purposes, these were the two workarounds available:

Intel Based Chips

  • If the Macbook has an Intel processing chip (i5, i7 etc.), there is a script available which will correct the color settings to allow use with the external monitor
    • Please make sure to have Ruby downloaded onto your Macbook and download the patch from this GitHub site
    • If the user would like to attempt with assistance, please follow instructions from this Github site
    • Reach out to CCN Staff to coordinate patch if assistance is desired

Silicon Based Chips

  • If the Macbook has an Apple Silicon chip (M1/M2), then the current script doesn't work unfortunately. The workaround is to bypass the splitter altogether. This does mean forgoing the external monitor.
    1. Unplug the BOLDscreen HDMI from the back of the HDMI splitter (labeled BOLDscreen)
    2. Connect any adaptors necessary to the BOLDscreen HDMI and plug into Macbook
    3. The Macbook should be mirrored onto the BOLDscreen without any discoloration or tint
    4. Once the session is over, make sure to plug the BOLDscreen HDMI back into the splitter

BOLDscreen Not Displaying

First-pass Checks and Resets

  • Make sure that the AV hub box is turned on. There should be a light on at the leftmost side of the box and a red/green light flashing from the back.
  • Check that all the cables are plugged into the correct ports. See the picture and description above for reference.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the cables between the AV hub and your laptop.
  • Disconnect the clone. Unplug the cable labelled "MONITOR" from the "CLONE" port. This means you will not be able to see what the participant is seeing on the BOLDscreen, but if disconnecting the clone helps, it may mean that the external monitor was drawing too much power and causing issues with your display.
  • Restart your laptop. Sometimes, even closing and reopening the lid will recover the connection.
  • Restart the AV hub. Press the power button at the leftmost side of the front of the box. Wait a few seconds, then press it again.

CCN iMac Test

  • If resetting the hub/cable inputs did not help, try plugging the display HDMI into the CCN iMac.
    • This is often a reliable test as to whether it is a BOLDscreen/display issue or a specific laptop/machine issue.
    • If the BOLDscreen works when the display cable is plugged into the CCN iMac, the issue might be with the display settings.
      • Check the settings like resolution, refresh rate, display mirroring vs. extended etc. on your task computer.
      • Check your adapter, if you are using one to connect the HDMI cable to your laptop. Make sure it is clean and completely plugged in. If the screen works via the iMac and resetting the hub didn't help, your adapter may not be working. Look for a spare adapter in the box on the window ledge. There are also more adapters in the labelled cabinet.
    • If the BOLDscreen doesn't work when the display cable is plugged into the CCN iMac and messing with the adapter isn't an option (the correct spare isn't available, you know the original adapter is not the problem, etc.), move on.