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Current Designs

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  • CCN is currently outfitted with three MR safe response devices: 2 Button Box, 4 Button Box, and a Track Ball
  • CCN is also equipped with a USB 4 button practice device for use in the testing room outside of the scanner
    • This device is NOT MR safe and should not enter the scanner room at any time


Device Connection

  1. The three response devices are located in a drawer inside the scanner room labeled "Button Boxes"
  2. Take one of the devices and remove the small rubber cap located on the connector
  3. Remove the top optical bundle from the wall, and remove the rubber cap from the bundle connector
    • Carefully put the two caps somewhere they won't get lost. The ledge of the window between the scan suite and control room is a good option, because you will see them when you loop the optical cable back up at the end of the scan.
  4. Gently find the correct orientation for the two connectors to interlock
    • Once the correct orientation is found, connect the button box to the fiber bundle
  5. Back in the control room, follow the instruction sheet attached to the desk above the silver button box interface in order to select the correct device and settings
    • Steps 3 and 5 will be different for the trackball mouse. Choose HHSC-TRK2 and HID TRACK COMP for those steps, respectively.
  6. Once settings have been selected, please make sure your subject tests the buttons before continuing


Please make sure the USB Cable has been plugged into the correct device!

Button Box Not Working

  • Check to make sure the bottom row of lights on the button box interface light up when the corresponding buttons are pressed
    • Left-most light corresponds to the left most button (2BB) or the top button (4BB)
    • If all the lights are flashing then the problem is most likely an issue with the connection to your computer
  • Check that the USB indicator on the button box interface is static (not blinking)
    • A blinking USB status means the button box interface isn't registering that it's connected to a laptop/computer
  • If the USB status light is static (not blinking), open up a text document (word, pages, txt edit) and ask your participant to press the buttons; responses should be collected
  • If it works for a txt file but not your stimulus presentation program, keep the USB plugged in and restart your program (Matlab, PsychoPy etc.)
    • Often what happens is these programs are started before the USB is connected, which doesn't allow the program to register the external device
  • If the button box itself appears not to be working (e.g., one button does not push through a response while the others do), there is one 2-button and one 4-button spare in the drawer by the sink, beneath where the thermometer and oxygenation clip are stored.
    • Remember, do NOT bring the demo button box from the testing room into the scanner suite. It is for practice purposes only and NOT MR safe.

Trackball Not Working