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Thanks for agreeing to be part of the Neuroimaging Training Program by teaching in the Principles of Neuroimaging course, M284A/B.

  • The class meets in room 17-364 on floor 1 of the NPI. The meetings are from 2 to 4p pm (2 hours...). We have a data projector in the classroom, as well as a (small) whiteboard. There are about 15 students.
  • The students greatly appreciate having the lecture slides in advance if possible. We try to post suggested readings (and required readings if you like). We can place unpublished or otherwise limited manuscripts on a password protected site. If you have given us contents in the past, they should already be up on the site.
This year, I am making the special request that you please suggest a couple of questions (and sample answers), suitable for problem sets, that we can assign after your lecture. We will take care of grading, of course.
  • Please let us know if you can give us some slides, papers, etc.. that you wish to upload. 24 hours notice will make this much easier for me.
  • You can edit the contents of the course web page for your own lecture easily after creating an account on this web site. To do so, just use this online form. This will allow you to offer an abstract of your lecture, upload readings, slides, etc... if you like. All optional, of course.

By the way: The UCLA Biomedical Library as asked use NOT to post PDFs of published papers, though I can keep these on reserve. If you have a link to the article on line, that is the official "best" way distribute published work.

Please send any questions about the course overall to Mark Cohen

SYLLABI: (to let you know what the students have seen already)