New User Checklist

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Below is a general checklist of items to complete for incoming staff and students.

  1. Register for a (Google) account:
  2. Install and configure VPN on your personal computer:
  3. Complete CITI research training:
  4. If your lab uses the Hoffman2 cluster for data processing:
    1. Register for a Hoffman2 account:
    2. Download X2Go:
    3. Configure X2Go for remote desktop access to Hoffman2:
  5. To access your scan data on the DICOM server:
  6. Complete any UCLA Health training certifications listed under “My Transcript” (requires AD/Mednet ID):
  7. Complete MRI and/or EEG Certification
    • CCN safety certification is done using a combination of in-person sessions and remote work via the Staglin Safety and Training Course on Bruinlearn. Please ask your lab manager/research coordinator if you need an enrollment link. See this section on MR Training for a summary of the required steps. All links and resources necessary can be found on the BruinLearn course.
    • Recertification is also done via the BruinLearn platform, with no password necessary. Please only email the MR Tech if you are experiencing trouble enrolling in the course or you have questions with the materials.