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A compilation of lab know-how regarding the Hoffman2 Computing Cluster.

Getting Started


Hoffman2 is a Computing Cluster at UCLA, find out how it generally works so you know how to use it.


Getting an Account

You know what it is, now you want to use it. First you need an account.

Hoffman2:Getting an Account

Accessing the Cluster

Now how do you use that account to access the cluster?

Hoffman2:Accessing the Cluster

Working in a Linux Environment

Never heard of a command line before? Vaguely know what "permissions" are and have no idea how to navigate a filesystem? This page is meant to take the scare out of the words "command line" so you can actually use Hoffman2.

Hoffman2:Linux Tutorial


Resources are not infinite, and disk space is a resource. Find out how to manage your disk space usage to stay under quota.


Environmental Modules

How to get access to CCN-supported software.


Changing Passwords

How to change your Hoffman2 password.

Hoffman2:Changing Passwords

Password-less Logins

Log in to Hoffman2 without typing your password every time.

Password-less ssh


You can find your way through Hoffman2, now it is time to start making things happen.

Software Tools

You've got your account, you are logged on, now how do you get to using a real software tool?

Hoffman2:Software Tools

Run Your Jobs

You can run your job by starting an interactive session or submitting it with batch mode.

Hoffman2:Batch Mode
Hoffman2:Job Array

Monitoring Jobs

Right after they zap their robot monster to life, every mad scientist wishes they had the tools to check on or stop their creation. Now that you can submit jobs, you need to be able to check on them and stop them if they start terrorizing downtown Tokyo.

Hoffman2:Monitoring Jobs



How to use MATLAB on the cluster. It is easier than you think. (Well, maybe...)


Compiling MATLAB

So you have a MATLAB script, but you don't need to GUI open all night to have it process your data. How to submit MATLAB jobs to Hoffman2.

Hoffman2:Compiling MATLAB


We try to maintain the three most recent versions of EEGLAB for your convenience. Make sure to add it to your MATLAB path.


Processing multiple subjects through EEGLAB can be tiring and inconvenient if you do it by hand. Learn how to make scripts that run as jobs leveraging the power of Hoffman2.


SPM Compiled (Batch)

Maybe FSL isn't your cup of tea for neuroimaging work. SPM is a capable alternative and, even though it is MATLAB based, it has a compiled version that will let you leverage the power of the cluster.



You are probably a statistician, or you just prefer open source software. Here's how to run R on Hoffman2.



If machine learning is your thing, maybe you've heard of WEKA. If not, maybe it will be your new best friend.



FSL is a comprehensive library of analysis tools for FMRI, MRI and DTI brain imaging data.


Jupyter Notebook



How about streamlining some of those tasks, or getting more things done.


All of the difficulties you are experiencing now have probably been experienced before by someone else. And for that reason we already have scripts to simplify your life.


Data Transfer

All dressed up with no where to go? That's how Hoffman2 feels if you don't give it any data to work with. Find out how to avoid hurting the Cluster's feelings.

Hoffman2:Data Transfer

Sharing Filesystems

All you want to do is be able to look at your precious data. But it is locked up on Hoffman2 and you want to use tools on your computer to look at it. There's an app for that.

Hoffman2:Sharing Filesystems


Simple tools that will help your productivity.


Mailing List

Information about the the CCN-Hoffman mailing list, including how to join the list.

Hoffman2:Mailing List