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This page will give you general information about the EEG Suite including how to use the testing rooms, EGI net information, current EEG projects, and where to locate and order supplies.

EEG Facilities & Equipment

The Staglin EEG Suite is part of the Staglin IMHRO Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and contains resources including two fully shielded EEG suites and a prep room.

The Left EEG Suite:

The Right EEG Suite:

  • Bio-Semi 64 channel EEG system using active electrodes

Using the EEG Suite

This page describes step-by-step how to schedule, set-up, and test in the Staglin EEG Suite:

We recommend giving these directions a complete once-over before you ever take data here.

Troubleshooting and Denoising

EGI Net Maintenance

EEG Suite supplies

Current Projects

Concurrent EEG/fMRI

Related Info


If you want to take EKG data concurrently...

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