BIDs configuration file

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BIDs configuration file

BIDs configuration file is used to specify the naming convention for your data file in Scripts:setup subject 3.

This file should have the following format for all files you want to be converted to BIDs style names.

Original_File_Name sub-SUBJ_Name
Original_File_Name sub-SUBJ_Name
Original_File_Name sub-SUBJ_Name

The Original_File_Name and the sub-SUBJ_Name are separated by a space.

SUBJ will be converted automatically to the subject ID which specified when you run the setup_subject_3 script.

the "Name" part in "sub-SUBJ_Name" here should be replace by the name you want to use following the BIDs format rules.


gre_fieldmap_5 sub-SUBJ_fmap_mag
gre_fieldmap_6 sub-SUBJ_fmap_phase
MPRAGE_15 sub-SUBJ_mprage
Task_Block_1_9 sub-SUBJ_task1
Task_Block_2_10 sub-SUBJ_task2
MPRAGE_6.4_min__0.8X0.8X0.8mm_8 sub-120_T1w
MPRAGE_6.4_min__0.8X0.8X0.8mm_7 sub-120_T1w_rec-uncorrected